Crafted around convenience, ease of movement and a stylish environment, The Mix showcases brilliant views of Waterfall City and the Magliesburg mountains to make your home, your haven and space of comfort.

At The Mix, your apartment allows you to walk into open-plan shape shifting interiors, where each apartment has been cleverly designed to integrate modern features and form functional spaces. Take advantage of your apartment and make it your own.

To make sure your home fits your style and provides you with the comforts you need, The Mix has created interior design packages to enhance your home – allowing you to easily and effortlessly jump into every new day. In a collaboration between InHouse Design Studio, Coricraft and Shereen Fihrer, the lead interior designer from Head Interiors, residents are given an option of choosing between either the Ivory or the Quartz packages which have both been designed to reflect our South African heritage and to enhance the functionality of these apartment spaces.

Whether you prefer dynamic colours that suit your personality or seeking a solution for your investment and its potential tenants, these interior options provide an-inclusive approach to what you require.

A home that considers colour, lighting, layouts, textures, and artwork to create motivating, uplifting spaces can promote efficiency, creativity, happiness, and trust. At The Mix, each element has been carefully considered to give you the best living experience possible, and create an environment that reduces the day-to-day stresses and creates a relaxed environment. 

Let your home interiors compliment your lifestyle and surroundings.