Our development and sales team shared more of the unrivalled lifestyle behind our innovative development in the latest webinar. The panel discussed the strategic location, modern design and affordability of The Mix Waterfall. The webinar even takes you through the interactive module and show you how easy and efficient the online process is to follow. We take a look at some of the key factors discussed.

The panel included: 

Giles Pendleton, Chief Development Officer of Attacq

Robin Magid, Director of D2E Properties

Edmund Batley, Principle Architect at Batley & Partners

Adrienne Hersch, Principle at Adrienne Hersch Properties

Next level location

It doesn’t matter what product you create; the location is key to its success. What better position could anyone get than living in the internationally award-winning Waterfall City? “Anyone that has been here in Waterfall, will have seen that it is a different precinct compared to other establishing precincts and suburbs in and around Johannesburg. The nice thing is that we have planned everything, from where a tree goes, to a particular bus stop, to where the security cameras lie, to how do buildings interface with each other; all to the benefit of the public. We’re trying to build a city around a human and convenience – where do you walk, how do you walk and what do you experience in that process,” shares Giles Pendleton, Chief Developer Officer of Attacq.

Unrivalled day-to-day lifestyle 

When you have found the location that matches the lifestyle you are trying to portray, you have a winning residential offering. “The location is unheralded – it really borrows itself to The Mix which is a bringing together of diversity and culture right on top of one of the best and biggest shopping centres in Southern Africa, which is surrounded by one of the fastest selling corporate environments within South Africa,” explains Robin Magid, Director of D2E Properties. 

“The recreational area that excites me the most is the pool deck as that was something that we always wanted to do. We had various locations for the pool, but eventually the draw card of having to get up on top of the 14-storey building and look back over Sandton and see the sun set – you have amazing views out towards the west, and over the east. That space is where we expect to see the private mixing to happen,” shares Edmund Batley, Principle Architect at Batley & Partners.

The webinar truly unlocks the vision behind The Mix and showcases how this iconic development was future thinking with smart technology and sustainable design. Watch the webinar for further insights into this first-of-its-kind development.